what I wore: cigarette + pink

top: vintage
bag: primark

if you follow me on instagram you might have seen I popped down to cornwall last week... such a beautiful place (it was my first time there so excited was not the word!) our apartment in watergate bay was only a few minutes walk from the beach so we took these photos on our first morning exploring..

it hardly ever occurs to me to buy trousers? I never really need anything smarter than denim on a daily basis but these topshop ones are so easy to wear (if I'm honest it was the gingham swayed me... I heart the stuff.)

I also have to give a shout out for my office flats.. I've not even had to look at a packet of plasters since I started wearing them (those who know my feet will applaud) I have skin like tissue paper so finding shoes this kind is A-mazing.

caroline x

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