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oh la la, newness from models own has landed (again!!) this time in the form of polish for tans a collection designed to show off tanned skin (clearly my genetics didn't get the memo.. damn you irish skin)

these little rascals have taken me quite by surprise.. they're actually really wearable!

the formula of these is pretty knockout (just one coat pictured here) I really liked the combination of the neon yellow 'bikini' and green 'flip flop' together so I painted a quick gradient! they blended really well and dried really quickly.. winner.

...this is a pair I'll definitely be sporting together in the summer -tanned or not!

polish for tans, bikini, flip flop & shades* 

'shades' is a neon pink which was initially my favourite on first look, this is a really summery number and I think it's even nicer in the flesh. 

these polishes do have a slightly matte finish so if you like glossy nails you'll need to add a quick slick of topcoat.

I think these will be another popular range for models own; their price point is so good for the quality. I do believe the collection comes out online tomorrow (...and I think they're even included in their 6 for £20 offer hurrah!) 

what do you think to these.. would you wear any of these shades? 

caroline x

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  1. Love that gradient! I didn't think I'd like the yellow and green neon polishes but they look gorgeous!

  2. Wow, lovely colours <3

    Andera |

  3. When I first saw these I wasn't instantly impressed, but seeing the colours within swatches they look so much less intense and actually quite nice.

  4. I love neon polishes in the summer and they look amazing. My favorite is definitely 'shades' and I love the pink and would probably wear it as long as I possible can!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin'

  5. Ooh that gradient is gorgeous! Currently rocking a baby blue on my tips at the moment but will defo give the yellow/green comb a whirl when I change my colour :)

  6. I love the idea of this range, I love a good neon combo with a tan!

    Sophie x

  7. Off to buy mine now! Been wanting these since I laid eyes on them!

  8. I saw that these were coming out and they look absolutely perfect! I love bright colourful nails and I especially love the way they show off your tan! I'll definitely be picking up one of these! I've recently purchased one from they're speckled egg collection which I will have a post up on soon :) xx

  9. These are gorgeous colors, anyone know if they sell them in the US?

    Madeline | Ring-a-Round a Rosey | Bloglovin’



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