what I wore: buckle boots + geo knit

hat: h&m
quilted skirt: topshop
clouchy croc bag: topshop

the best part about winter dressing is that it suits lazy people like myself.. give me a few good knits and six million pairs of tights and I'm done. 

this jumper from chicwish fits just like I'd hoped; I love colourful prints so this was a real no brainer for me. it's soft, toasty and long enough to cover my rear... my kind of fluffy friend. 

the boots arrived just as I was leaving the house so I threw them on preparing for the saga of having to break them in... much to delight they're crazy comfortable (my feet thank you) I have an eye on a few other pairs including these cat face ballet pumps and some chain boots that might be winging their way onto my christmas list! the topshop bag is my current daily arm candy as it holds pretty much everything I can throw at it.. including a pineapple, a multi pack of crisps and 6 doughnuts (unsupervised trips to the supermarket never end well)

I'm off to cook dinner which will no doubt involve some skilled handling of the microwave, those ready meals don't heat themselves you know...

back soon!

caroline x

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  1. <3 the print of the sweater, colourful and cozy at the same time!

    lovely post

    zara xx


  2. Love that you went shopping for a pineapple! haha. Gorgeous sweater!



  3. This whole outfit is to die for but I think I'm head over heels in love with your skirt and belt combo (not sure if the belt is included/attached but still).
    The jumper looks super snug too.
    JS xx


    1. http://januarysublime.co.uk - sorry, we recently changed! x

  4. That jumper is so cool, and looks perfect with your skirt too! x


  5. This outfit is so bold, not sure if I could pull it off but I love it!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  6. Has your layout changed recently - it looks great!

    Georgina at itotallypaused.com

  7. I love the skirt and the gold hardware on the belt. The sweater is so bold but subtle at the same time!

    Grace x


  8. Love the jumper - the colours are lovely! xx

    Leanne | Seeking Serendipity

  9. I love it when boots turn out to be super comfortable. I adore these ones and the skirt too. x

  10. That skirt is so so nice, I've seen that skirt on a few people now and I really like it.
    Amy x A Little Boat Sailing



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