what I wore: backpack + smock

smock dress: topshop
boots: office
necklaces: topshop
vintage faux fur: boohoo
backback: topshop

sometimes I'm just lazy personified.. yep I like to wear my summer dresses allllll year round. I picked up this smock dress just as autumn kicked in so it's only had one outing to date ...a crying shame as the smock dress is gods gift to winter over eaters like myself. 

these pictures were taken whilst I was in reykjavik, it was a pretty relaxed day of strolling about snapping the city and eating cake so it's a casual outfit affair (just how I like it) despite the cold I only wore a tee under my coat as I'm convinced this old faux fur has some kick ass special powers (I'll go from frostbitten to feverish in under an hour) no real layering required with this bad boy.

I'm so glad the weekend is looming.. hallelujah! I desperately need a day off to get started on my christmas shopping (..and obligatory mince pie eating yippee!) 

back soon

caroline x 


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