DIY lace trim crop top:

I'm a huge fan of those lace trim shorts that have been floating around pinterest, I love pinterest for DIY inspo (and the endless snaps of delicious food... mmmm) I was originally intending to customise a pair of shorts but I changed my mind an opted for a super easy update for some of my crop tees instead.

this little crafty project is really quick and perfect for beginners! you'll just need an old tee, some lace trim and a needle and thread..
I used a meter of lace trim for mine, it's easy to get hold of online or in your local haberdashery/craft department (I picked up this one in john lewis along with a few other designs!)
if you're using a regular length tee simply chop off the bottom to the desired length.. taa daa one crop top! turn the tee inside out and lay the trim along the bottom edge, use pins to secure then sew into place.
once you've sewn the trim into place, remove the pins, turn the tee the right side out and  you're done....easy huh? 
you can use any trim for this project! it's a great way to update your wardrobe and you can do the same with shorts and dresses too..
I hope you like it? do you think it's something you'd try yourself?

back soon!

caroline x

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