what I wore: april showers

quick outfit post today! this is actually one I wore while I was away, I thought I'd best share it before the summer when pictures of me sporting a woolly hat led you to question my sanity!

this is my usual wet day get up, enough layers to qualify as a walking onion & a hat to stop my hair from resembling an 80's perm. I think I look slightly like a hobo in this outfit, but dammit it was comfy.

the weather is due to be glorious tomorrow; I've been raiding the depths of my wardrobe to resurrect long neglected summer dresses... hip hip hurray! I'm even splashing out on some fake tan this evening (somebody stop me I'm going wild..)
hat: topman
navy boyfriend coat: primark
yellow check scarf: h&m
pink mohair jumper: h&m (ss12)
jeans: topshop baxter
racoon print shirt: asos
heart collar clips: c/o chelsea doll
leather satchel: topshop
boots: office

I'm best be off as I have my niece and nephew visiting. I've dug up 6 worms, constructed a nest for a ladybird and I'm now attempting to build a den in the back garden. I feel like a poor mans david attenborough... wish me luck!

caroline x


  1. Really really cute, my favourite part is the collar details. Simply lovely :) xx

  2. Love this outfit, looks so comfy! The jumper/shirt combo is very cute :)

    Helen at http://uhhelsyeah.blogspot.co.uk

  3. Such a nice outfit! Love the jumper and heart clips x

  4. Love the Jumper and scarf, such a lovely outfit :)


  5. I remember that pink jumper coming into store, it was sooo nice but the fluff kept coming off and sticking to my jeans which is why I didn't buy it...I sometimes wish I had though!

    You look lovely :) Also, great scarf and you really cannot beat a satchel!

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  6. Oh Wow! You look incredible! I absolutely love this outfit! Those collar clips are amazing, and your jumper is lovely! It's just a gorgeous colour! xxx


  7. Haha you don't look like a hobo! I love your collar clips and shirt/jumper combo :)


  8. You look so lovely Caroline!! That bag and your scarf are lovely! :) x Laura

  9. You are toooo cute, love your style! :)
    Also, "walking onion" hahaha, never heard that one before, actually brilliant!

  10. I love the collar detailing and pink jumper in this outfit. I also completely agree with you about being a 'walking onion' in this cold weather haha x

  11. I love the collar clips! So cute. And don't worry, you definitely do not look like a hobo!

  12. I wanted this jumper for so long but never got it! I still love it! The collar clips are so cute X


  13. I love the collar tips, they are gorgeous x

  14. This outfit is so perfect, the collar tips are amazing! xx



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