time for some insta-snaps:

bum bum bum...BUMPER edition today! 

hmmmm I really do take far too many pictures on instagram; the boy is threatening to send me to social media rehab as my head is constantly stuck in twitter or some other form of internet distraction.

it's by far my most used tool of procrastination (I love a good bit of time wasting)

I've got me a bona fide insta-habit; luckily it gives me plenty of material for these posts aha! 

hope you guys enjoy my latest snapety snaps... 
on the not so glamorous train to london | lichtenstein exhibit at tate modern - a must see | wagamamas, luckily I don't live near one or I'd have a serious problem! | tulips, my favourite spring blooms | kitten overload!!!! teeny tiny little wonders I wanted to scoop into my handbag | painting nails | giving my mucky make up brushes a clean! | pretty boy in a box | my nail wrap collection! a brilliant launch from the lovely ladies at scratch available to order now- check out my lookbook here!! 
american diner, our second anniversary pancake feast | topshop sale finds | happy easter hello kitty | illamasqua harem polish | my lego iPhone case, my brother buys me the best presents | my boy, that's his 'I'm hungry' smile | diner decor, I'd love this in my house! | my niece is becoming cuter every day | my love of neon signs continues, one day I WILL have one!

I hope you're all having a good week? did anyone catch mad men last night? god I'm so excited it's back and made in chelsea too!!! 

it's almost too much televisual excitement for one week; I thought I was going to implode with rage watching spencer and louise ARGHHHHH! I best remove myself from my keyboard before the red mist descends again aha! 

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back soon

caroline x