recent purchases.. yep it's haul time!

I love seeing what people are buying! I don't tend to do this kind of post but I thought I'd make an exception and put together a haul of my birthday travel finds for you! I hope you like it..

I simply couldn't resist this bulldog hanger! I'm using it to display my favourite jumper at the minute; I'll use it next time I'm selling clothes on eBay to make the pictures more fun! 

want your own clothes pet? available here or if your a feline fan there's an adorable cat version too! hurrah!
I've not tried this on yet, I just swatched it on my hand in store! I may do a review later; its basically a lip gloss that dries matte but it's incredibly bright and heavily pigmented!
kiosk is an incredible little shop selling paraphernalia from around the world. it's more like an art gallery than a shop, beautifully curated and displayed with little notes to explain each item! I couldn't resist this motel style keyring; if I ever lose my keys they'll pay for the return postage back to kiosk what a great excuse to head back to NYC...wink.
 another kiosk purchase, a mexican notebook for me to write my endless lists in.
postcards, I always pick them up when I visit galleries, car boots etc! I have a stack of these already that I keep adding to! I hope one day I'll find a way to display them all..
in the hope that summer will finally arrive I've been adding to my thrifted collection! I love the fit of old tee's slightly oversize with the sleeves rolled up is my favourite way to wear them! cheap & cheerful all I need is some shorts and I'm summer ready, 
I usually use soap to wash my brushes but I thought I'd invest in some proper shizzle to keep my brushes so fresh and so clean..
what a cute little bag! I picked this up in store but it's not on the website yet, maybe worth checking back again soon to see if it's been added!
I collect badges when I can and use them to customise old denim jackets; I found these beauties at a flea market! car boots and second hand shops are good places to find this kind of item!
 a simple vest for the summer from american apparel
lastly some tea! since I've been living off a diet of burgers, fries & cheesecake I opted for a detox tea of dandelion root (tastes horrendous -haven't managed a full cup yet aha!) and a rather lovely scottish toffee which is scrummy!  

well that's the lot! I'll be budgeting a lot more for the next few months after my holiday blow out! 

I love wandering around car boots on a sunday morning so fingers crossed the weather starts to behave... (there's always hope!)

back soon

caroline x


  1. Love these items, you have really good taste! x

  2. Aaah, you got some lovely things! Especially love the bag and the amazing hanger! I really want to get a lip tar too. xo

  3. Wow, you picked up some really amazing things! I love the dog hanger! So fun! I hope you do review the lip tar, I'm really curious. Have a great day!

  4. That hanger is great, love the bag too x

  5. that OCC lip tar looks like such a beautiful shade! and that hanger is so adorable! xx

  6. Great selection of items. Im off to check out Kiosk, Sounds like such a cool place to shop!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  7. Loooove the Forever 21 bag, going to have a Forever 21 binge tomorrow in the Glasgow store opening!



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