DIY easy bow nail art tutorial!

hello rascals!

today I'd thought I'd share a nail art tutorial with you guys!

I was really excited recently when company magazine asked me to come up with a nail art feature for their weekly edit; once the initial panic over what to paint receded I came up with this tutorial (I have done this once before but I think a few of you may have missed it as it was some time back!) if you're curious you can find out more about the weekly edit here!

you'll need a base colour, a nail art pen/fine brush and an alternate colour for the bows! you don't need to use the same colours as me; this looks good in dozens of colourways! 

so here are the main steps:

I hope you like it! I think breaking it down into steps makes this one a lot easier, once you have a basic idea of the shapes you get more confident with it!

if you have an iPhone and want to download the issue or any of the others you can have a sneaky peek here!

(I also wanted to quickly say thank you for following my little blog, I was blown away to reach 800 followers this week! such a big milestone for me; so thank you guys!)

anyway have a great weekend y'all

I'll back soon!

caroline x