what I wore: vintage misfit

when I get a free day I often drag my poor boyfriend around vintage/charity shops (under the guise of going for afternoon tea) in the hunt for some new accessories! 

I love finding something old and unique that nobody else is wearing; I like to think of it as fashion treasure hunting! 

the vintage suitcase is probably one of the best things I've found in the last year, it's just small enough to use as a handbag of sorts and I love the colour! I picked up the dress and belt to complete the look but couldn't resist wearing my converse as a nod to my inner tomboy.

I'm a huge fan of mad men (if you've not watched the show you absolutely must, if not for the brilliant writing or the absolute hunk that is donald draper then at least for the wardrobes!) I regularly like to dress up in old vintage frocks and channel betty draper 60's vixen!

there's something so feminine and glamorous about the fit and style of 60's clothing (I know I should have grown out of playing dress up a long time ago but darn it's a hard habit to shake!) tell me I'm not alone...?
hat: h&m (old)
dress: vintage
belt: vintage
suitcase: vintage
gold faced casio watch: urban outfitters
converse: office

back soon!

caroline x