kawaii 3D nail rock teddy bear nail art!

wow wow wee wow! I'm so excited to share these nails with you guys!

behold the cutest things to have adored my fingers ever.. 3D teddy bears! (hurrah for nail rock)

my sister bought me these for christmas after she saw me drooling over them on asos and I'm completely smitten with them. possibly the most impractical thing to wear (constantly getting caught in my hair) they do make up for the slight inconvenience by being super fun and princess-esque! I'd recommend these more for a night out or event rather then everyday wear but it's entirely based on your patience levels..

tempted to try them? here's what you'll need:

nail rock frou frou available here: nail rock

nail polish! I used my fave models own pastel selection: models own

they're uber easy to work with!

first paint your base coat and leave to dry. 
apply your second coat one finger at a time and whilst still wet press in the teddy and hold firmly. 
leave to dry and seal with top coat.

you can apply the 3D pieces with nail art glue which is longer lasting (this is included in the kit) just be warned that the glue will penetrate the polish and you'll have to remove it afterwards by filing it off!

mine lasted a full 24hrs before I lost my first victim (whilst putting on my darn skinny jeans) but you can glue them back on and they're a plenty of spares in the pack!

overall I love them, definitely the best way to kick off the new year nail art!

what do you think? 

caroline x