xmas-gram sunday!

hello guys! I hope you all had a fabulous christmas?

I decided to put together a little christmas themed instagram sunday post with some of my favourite presents and pictures over xmas! 

I can't believe the festive fun is over already (sob) this new year's eve I'm just planning to go out for dinner and (a few) drinks before I turn into a walking cliche in january (healthy eating resolutions, attempted fitness regime, quitting smoking etc etc zzzzzz) 

so less talk more action.. here's what went down at the burke house this xmas..

woooop I made it into look magazine 'what I'm wearing' | favourite booze and time keeping | pretty dylan | owl handbag | my niece clementine enjoying some of her presents awwww! | urban outfitters lion head belt | my romantic tee from my bf aha | my favourite lush lip scrub | thai with the in-laws | cath kidston 2013 diary & snow fairy shower gel | hat geeks | lovely aztec bracelet | cheers! | ooooooh I got some ren skincare!! | chanel foundation, thanks for the recommendation beauty bloggers | sale shopping, picked up a few bargains! | big presents are the most fun to wrap! | cross stitch phone case! this is awesome, I can sew on my own design or one of the suggested patterns! can't wait to finish it! | lots of lovely jewellery! | new perfume | more food... | 3D teddy shapes for my nails! | cute little salt & pepper pots | lush face mask |  my klear klutch, I was praying it would come back into stock and was uber excited to unwrap it at xmas! | leopard fade nail art | benefit she's so jetset, I give this a big thumbs up especially the mascara 'they're real' my lashes look huuuge!

I've had such a brilliant christmas this year! the best present by far was simply having all of my family together on christmas day; thank you santa!

back soon! have a wonderful new year y'all

caroline x