DIY studded nails!

another easy peasy nail art idea for you guys. I've tried this one before and unlike rhinestone embellishment this is a lot easier to work with!

the pyramid studs lay flat into the polish so you wont be getting these caught in your hair or clothes hurrah! they also last well, I took mine off after 3 days (they were in perfect condition though so would have lasted longer!)

it's a really easy technique, simply paint your base colour and wait to dry. I've used models own peach sherbet here. I bought my studs in a nail art wheel from misguided but there are also loads on eBay here!

apply a line of clear polish over the base colour (where you want the studs to be) and push the studs into the wet polish; it acts like nail glue and hold them in place as it dries. try to get all the stud edges into the polish (I used a toothpick with a tiny piece of blu-tac on the end to pick up the studs and press them in)

seal with several layers of a good top coat (I could not recommend seche vite more, amazing stuff) and you're finished!

these nails really look better in the flesh! the light reflecting off the gold makes them tricky to photograph so I haven't really done them justice with these pics aha!

anyway I hope you like them!

back soon

caroline x