instagram sunday

repainting my bedroom | today's make up | dog walking in my bf's big furry coat! brrrrr | my new iPad case, a present from my bestie | la moda bags, coming to an outfit post soon! | new office sale boots | 

snow day!! | sale shoes from river island (only £10!) | my brothers new kitten beth, I've already become a insta-cat-spammer aha, she's so darn cute! | went to see gangster squad- ryan gosling & josh brolin heaven! | working on a nail art tutorial for company magazine woooooop, excited! | new jonathan aston tights (look at those models legs, wish mine were that long aha!) |

so that's my little instagram round up, I've not posted one for a few weeks so I thought I'd have a lot more pictures aha! I'm obviously slacking on the insta-spamming..wink.

I've had a really exciting week though; illamasqua picked me to be in their new feature called beauty spotlight, my jaw pretty much hit the floor because I was the first blogger involved (wowza!) if you want to read my interview it's here (thanks again to the wonderful team!) I'm a big fan of their make up after discovering it last year; their nail polishes are just gorgeous! I'm really looking forward to seeing their new collection.. I'll probably put up some swatches, I wont be able to resist!

the other exciting news was that company magazine asked me to put together another nail art tutorial for their weekly edit. I was super excited to help as it's one of my favourite magazines! the weekly edit is a digital version with their beauty, fashion, music & street style highlights available to download in the app store so you can read it on your iPhone whilst out and about! if you want to get yourself a copy here's the link: weekly edit and you'll be able to read my tutorial for painting nail art bows in the beauty school! 

I hope you're all enjoying the snow if you have it? my car broke down a few days ago, I was stranded until the AA man rescued me from becoming a ice pole, yikes so so cold! (I do love the snow though it gives me an excuse to wear my furry coats and pretend I'm a bear) plus it's pretty much the perfect reason to switch to drinking big cups of hot chocolate.... mmmmm.

anyway happy snow sunday from me; whatever you're doing I hope you've had a great weekend!

back soon

carolne x