DIY easy geometric nail art!

hello rascals! here's my latest nail art tutorial, geometric/chevron nails!

I painted these when I first started blogging so many of you won't have seen them! I thought I'd show you how to create these rather snazzy geometric numbers.. it's surprisingly easy! 

you'll need two polish colours, some sellotape and a white nail art pen/brush then simply follow the next few steps:

I've used topshop polish in green room for the base colour which is a gorgeous vivid green/turquoise. the accent colour is a metallic models own polish in champagne another favourite of mine; but you can use any colour you like for this design! 

you could also paint this freehand if you don't want to use sellotape; just make sure you put your arms on a flat surface to keep your hands steady and lines straight!

I hope you like them! I'll be back with another nail art post soon..

caroline x