christmas tree nail art!

it's christmas eve tomorrow! holy moly, it's only my favourite night out of the year hurrah!!

I've been poorly this week (a crying into my duvet, self pitying mess in fact!) I'm feeling much better, in fact I'm almost certain I'll be back to full match fitness for my christmas eve celebrations..pow! 

I painted these little christmas themed nails the other day! they were quite easy but seemed to take forever to dry (possibly because I was feeling rather grumpy at the time aha) I thought I'd share them with you before xmas was over!

to do these you'll need to paint a white base coat and leave it to dry fully.
next up take small thin strips of sellotape and mark off a triangle shape on each nail. 
pick a green polish (I used barry m here) and paint inside the triangle you have marked off.
remove the sellotape and you should have the christmas tree shaped base!
now for the baubles you can use several things. I used small sequin discs which I pressed into the wet green polish! you could also use a dotting tool and dot on bright nail polish circles or you could even add small rhinestones instead..

I liked mine as they are so I stopped here; however some of you may prefer to add on a star to the top of the tree! you can do this will a dotting tool/fine brush or if you have any gem/rhinestone stars they would also make perfect tree toppers!

seal with two coats of clear top coat and you'll have some rather festive fingertips, I hope you like them!

I hope you all have an amazing & very happy christmas you lovely bunch!

back soon

love caroline x

(ps... I've been shoppping for my 500 follower giveaway & have some lovely lush cosmetics goodies and other surprises for you guys in the new year so keep an eye out for the details in a few weeks!)



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