DIY autumn gradient nail art!

this is a really simple nail art! I wanted to try out some more autumnal gradients so I came up with this rather vampy red & black combination.

if you're not very experienced at nail art gradients are a great place to start; it's just a simple sponging technique and lots of fun!

  • I started by painting the red base coat; I used american apparel lipstick lacquer here. 
  • once dry take a piece of sponge and paint a few heavy strokes of black varnish on the tip.
  • dab the sponge on the tip of the nail several times to blend; taper the colour upwards.
  • finish with a clear topcoat, this will smooth over the polish and give a nice shine.

all done! (if you want to see a full tutorial on gradient nail techniques see here!)

it's that simple! hope you like them!

caroline x


  1. A great colour choice :D

    I've wanted to try this for a while, I think it would be rather messy with my shorter nails. I'll see how it looks, if it turns out to be a flop nobody has to see right? ;)

    Amy xx

  2. Love these nails, I'll have to give it a go! :) xx

  3. Just about to give this a go, hopefully it turns out alright x

  4. this looks lovely for the season ! xx



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