nail art trends: the embellished mani DIY!

oooooooo I love a new nail art trend.

this one has me a teeny bit excited.

embellished nails... think sequins, glitter, rhinestones and all things barbie-esque! apparently this is going to be big this season... I'm sooo in! (didn't take much convincing)

remember caviar nails? then velvet nails? well now there's sequin nails too!

I decided to do my own embellished mani, I just did the tips here but when christmas approaches I'll be covering the entire nail!

it's such a gorgeous manicure, perfect for the festive season and my new favourite nail technique. the pictures really don't show how much they catch the light and sparkle!

it's not hard to do, you'll want to gather an assortment of jewels, I've used a mix of coloured rhinestones, discs, shell pieces and swarovski crystals. (you want a mix of shapes and textures for the best effect!)

paint a base coat of your choice, I've used essie fiji on mine.

once dry simply dot on clear varnish and stick on your jewels! hold them down to secure (you can use an orange stick or tweezers to help you place them) finish off with several clear topcoats and get flaunting!

it's a semi high maintenance manicure just because it can be quite easy to chip off the rhinestones (especially on a night out!) however it's such a show stopper mani I think it's worth the risk!


caroline x


  1. Adore all your nail designs, just wished I had longer nails to do them on. Mine never grow very long :-(

  2. That looks AMAZING!

    Cath x

  3. This looks great! I love it :) x

  4. These are wonderful. I love glitter tips but I definitely need to try this out too x

  5. LOVE it, looks amazing ! xx

  6. this is so lovely!

  7. Love these! I'll put my stash of nail decals to good use soon! x

  8. I really want you to do mine!!! I'm going to try this out!!! X

  9. Hey!!! These are awesome! Just wondering where you get your sequins and gems from??

  10. HELLO,
    Did you use rhinestones from Moyou? Like the boat shape and the square rhinestone where are them from? They seem really hard to find!



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