instagram sunday (the bumper version)

I didn't do my usual instagram post last week because I was on holiday (lazy bugger) so here's an xxl version! prepare to witness an instagram addict in action..

james & I at the swimming pool/tidying some of my models own collection/my cartoon eye nail art- love these little rascals/vintage purse found on a thrifting mission!

a trip to the cinema to see looper- loved it/my stylist write up in look magazine/my beautiful niece clementine, she just loves to smear lipstick on her face/sweet treats.

contents of our look show goodie bags/james and I being geeks/our names up during the catwalk show/had to grab a shot before the vip's arrived haha.

the spa with outdoor heated pool where we stayed in the cotswolds/day trip to bath, gosh it's gorgeous there/frankie in her american apparel doggie hoodie/the roman baths.

the view from our house, I miss waking up to this/more bath snaps/houses in lower mill estate where we holidayed/great british tea and cake.

cirencester town/out for dinner in another quaint country pub/lunchtime antipasti delights/the best bill ever (well until we opened it)

janchristie cat transfers/a random snap of nail polishes in topshop/hunting out camo in an army surplus store/my bf bought us matching vans iPhone cases (yep it's true love folks)

starting a regime to repair my brittle nails/google image search results- joeseph gordon levitt (productive afternoon)/my niece, she makes me melt/my clear varnish and red tip manicure.

well there is more but I think I've just given you the instagram  equivalent of the annual holiday photo slide show aha!

hope you've all had a good weekend kittens!

caroline x


  1. I love Bath, it's such a pretty town and I have to say Joseph Gordon Levitt isn't too bad on the eyes either


  2. Love weekly instagram pics so a two week special is even better! Love the eye nail art :) and I'm seriously jealous of your Model's Own collection!

    One Little Vice

  3. love the vans iphone case ! xx

  4. Awesome pics! Have a good weekend:)

  5. So many nice pics!
    Love the Vans iPhone case and that's an impressive nail varnish collection :)

  6. heated pool. Oh, wanna be there tonight!



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