fright night! halloween nail art:

can you believe it's nearly halloween already!?

Is anyone else panicking over halloween fancy dress? 

I wanted to be a bloody zombie nurse at my fancy dress party this saturday... well that was until I discovered that nurse outfits don't seem to come in any style other than the super skimpy that barely covers your cheeks. 

sigh, the hunt continues.. 

well costume disasters aside I decided to move onto my nails. these never let me down.

I've never tried these nails although I've seen them on WAH a million times, I thought they'd be perfect for halloween mischief!

here's a little guide on how to do your own:

hope you like them...!

caroline x


  1. Love these! You make it look so easy x

  2. They look amazing! I'm just doing the casual zombie thing when I go out I think - too lazy/poor to get an actual costume! x

  3. freaky but so brilliant ! xx

  4. Love these, so creepy. Perfect for Halloween :) Might have to creep some people at Uni out and sport these next week x

    One Little Vice

  5. spooky ♥

  6. The creativity in your nail tutorials is just incredible! Love it so much. x

  7. You are totally amazing at nail art, these are just fabulous!


  8. Just found your blog through Companys nail art page, and your nail art is amazing! As is your style :) x



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