american apparel winter lacquers

I ventured out in a dress minus tights yesterday and spent most of the day cuddling up to a vacant radiator, huge mistake. since the cold has arrived I'm switching over from pretty pastels to winter warmers on my nails.

you may remember my post on american apparel nail lacquers a few weeks back, well I couldn't resist grabbing a couple more and I thought I'd show you how they swatch.

I opted for some deep winter shades, perfect for emphasising pale skin (I'm currently a nice shade of transparent but I'm going to stick with it) 

lipstick and imperial purple are the two shown here, they're unlike any nail polish I own. the consistency is really light when applying, it's almost like a heavy ink and even though the pigment is really dense it has a suggestion of transparency (the best comparison I can think of is the colours in a stained glass window!)

they need two coats for total opacity and a high shine, I took these snaps in daylight but it's still hard to capture the true shade variation (the red is a really sexy vampish colour but looks more berry toned indoors!)

 I'm a little bit in love with both colours if I'm honest so I'm giving them a thumbs up!

have you discovered any new polishes lately? I'm always on the hunt for new ones aha!

caroline x


  1. they look so lovely, especially the dark shade ! xx

  2. Love these! I've just bought some of OPI's Bond Collection. The colours are perfect and application is so easy. (and you get to pretend to be a Bond girl!) x

    1. ahh thanks guys! bond nails?? amazing! I want in :) xxx

  3. wow i totally love that purple!! i have way too many untrieds lol, i'm still trying to get through them all! but until then, no new polishes for meee :x



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