instagram sunday:

I say this every week but seriously how is it sunday already?!

I have an atrocious hangover as I write this, I would like to thank the coffin full of alcohol at last nights halloween party for the pain I'm currently suffering... ouch (it was one awesome gathering though, complete with fireworks! the boys had dug graves, removed all the light bulbs from indoors and had horror film snippets playing on repeat. I've never felt so on edge!)

I hope you've all had a good week! hello to new followers too! I've spend an unhealthy amount of time painting nails the last 7 days and I hold my bf fully responsible as he bought me some nail wheels to play with! 

I'll be back with new posts this week, I'm catching up on last nights x factor and trying out some new floral nails tonight so I imagine they'll make an appearance! 

anyway.. enough chat! here's a little snippet from my instagram life this week:

bloody halloween nails | my zombie waitress outfit, I had far too much fun making this! I hope it washes out... ooops | the dreaded booze coffin that has left me suffering today!

playing with nail wheels | chinese take out, mmmm | loving this texture spray on my hair this week!

I love my beauty case for keeping my make up tidy | banana peel nails | ex military buttons, £2 for a whole bag! I'll be putting these on everything!

studded navy nails | my new camo beanie, a £1.50 bargain | practising gradients on my wheels!

I'm off to wallow in self pity with my duvet, cadburys and a tv remote for the evening aha!

back soon campers!

caroline x


  1. love your halloween outfit ! and such pretty nails arts ! xx

  2. Your pics, your blog and your style are all amazing! Love it!!!

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  3. Lovely pictures, the nails are all so pretty! xx

  4. Oooh where's your beanie from? That is such a bargain! xx

  5. thanks guys! :) the beanie is from a little army shop near my house! xxx

  6. That halloween outfit is so good! And i love your nail designs. Nail wheels are such a great way to practice, i have been filling mine up recently xx



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