DIY message in a bottle pendant!

eeek I love this DIY!

I've seen loads of these little pendants on pinterest and wanted to give it a go myself. 

It's easy peasy and cheap as chips to make. it would be a cute little present for a friend or loved one but I have a feeling I'll be keeping most of them for myself.. 

you don't need much for this project, the main purchase is little cork topped glass bottle which are only a few pound with shipping on eBay 

you'll need, 
glass bottles with cork stoppers
a long chain, I just recycled an old necklace.

take your paper and cut to fit inside the bottle. write on your personal message (mine is a secret!) 

tie your message with string and place into your bottle.

use a toothpick to make a small hole through the cork stopper. 

thread the wire through and make a loop at  the bottom to secure. 

thread your chain onto the other end of the wire, make another loop over with your pliers to keep everything in place.

that's it! your message in a bottle is now ready to wear or to give to a friend.. (I told you it was easy!)

hope you have fun if you try this out for yourselves!

caroline x


  1. I love these necklaces, I may have a go at making one! x
    Sirens and Bells

  2. What a cute idea! I should try making the one with a letter inside. :)



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