DIY tea light lantern project!

holding up my hands here.. I've become obsessed with jars! kilner jars, jam jars you name it I'm trying to make something with it. I went looking for some last weekend and found a pack of these adorable mini screw top jars in dunelm 

I wanted to make some tea light holders and they work out about £1 each (not bad hey) I came up with a few versions and I'd thought I'd show you a couple!

lace decorated!

easy peasy, just wrap a small piece of lace trim around the jar and glue into place, I also wrapped some string around to decorate. I think these would make cute table decorations if you wanted to add some handmade name tags!

fabric lined!

these are fun because they're slightly messy aha! take some fabric remnants and cut into inch wide strips (make the length an few cm more than the jar height)

use a brush and paint your strips of fabric with pva glue. place the wet strips inside the jar with the pattern side facing out. work your way around the inside of the jar covering the glass completely with fabric. trim off any excess!

once dry pop in your tea light and you have some cute handmade little lanterns!

(safety officer moment) don't leave lit candles unattended, I don't want any fire hazards on my watch peeps!

hope you like them!

caroline x