nail art DIY! polka dots and florals

I was a tad bored yesterday and I decided to re paint my nails (always a productive task in my book)

I went for a rather girlie mix & match that I thought you guys might like! it took three stages; first up the base coats, I used models models own fuzzy peach and lemon meringue.

then I used my nail pen to do the polka dots (if you don't have a pen try dipping the end of a bobby pin into your polish to add the dots!)

next up to draw the flowers! I added 4-5 blobs of the fuzzy peach over my yellow nail, once dry I dabbed on a few green dots for the leaves and a few dashes of white over the orange/peach to suggest petals.

that's it! don't forget your top coat to seal and smooth the pattern..

hope you like it!

caroline x


  1. Your nails look gorgeous :) I never thought using a bobby pin instead of a nail art pen, definitely trying that! :D x
    Sirens and Bells

  2. I love this! :D I've been meaning to try out some nail art with roses!

  3. Your nails are always so gorgeous x

  4. Love them, I just might have to give this a go they look great :) x

  5. you did such a great job. Feel like trying out this nail art.

  6. These are so gorgeous, I'll have to give them a try <3

  7. Your nails have the most amazing shape! I love the way they looks. x

  8. I wish i could do my nails like that!

  9. Amazing nails! I might have to try this out.

  10. I adore your blog, you are so talented.



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