vintage chair makeover:

I love this chair, it formerly belongs my my boyfriends nanna, she has given us a few old pieces and my bf has been harassing me to do something with it for his desk! heres how I gave it a bit of a spruce up..

upholstering is pretty easy with a chair like this,  find a funky fabric that you think will look good and unscrew the seat from the chair.

 using the seat as a guide cut out your fabric leaving some excess to play with. pulling the fabric from the corners first staple it to the underneath of the seat. once the four corners are secure staple the middle edges, and finally work into the corners. make sure you are always pulling the fabric taut, it's just like stretching canvas over a frame! next I covered the bottom of the seat with some black cotton to make eveything look a bit neater, again I used a staple gun.

attach the seat back onto the chair, replacing any screws. taa daa you have a spanking new vintage chair!!

I'm gutted to hand this back to my bf as I really like it! luckily for me theres a few more which eventually I'll get round to making over, I'll probably use different fabrics for each one so we'll have a more ecclectic looking collection.. hope you like it!

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