bowler hat: h&m
white fluffy sweater c/o chicwish
bag: vintage

so I managed to tick something off my never ending wish list.. a ballerina skirt! yes that's right apparently I'm still 8 years old. 

I've wanted one of these frothy concoctions for a long time and this one from chicwish didn't disappoint.. layers of princess tulle (I made myself slightly dizzy testing it's spinning prowess) give it maximum prom dress pouf appeal! 

call me crazy but a girl can never have enough fluffy jumpers? this one is pretty darn snugly, in fact I'm convinced it comes with it's own central heating as I managed to wear this a full day without uttering a single word about the weather... now that my friends is impressive.

the bag is a vintage find and the footwear are testament to my ongoing cut out boot buckle addiction! my feet also seem to like them very much so I'm not complaining plus I though the outfit needed a little edge.. it's all pretty girlie above the knee..

caroline x

ps. I'm a tough cookie and more than prepared to suffer a pair of cold knees on a night out, that's right, the skirt has caused a 100 denier rebellion, those little critters are going nowhere near this outfit!

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  1. This outfit is so lovely, I would spin forever if I had that skirt and the jumper looks so cosy!

  2. Pretty cool look! Love your skirt :)

  3. I love this look it's so pretty, and those boots are to die for! xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

  4. You look gorgeous I love this look :-) Just discovered your blog, can't wait to read more!! xxx

  5. Cute look! I love your background too :)

  6. You look amazing! I love this skirt :) The background is so cool too :) xx

  7. You look incredible Caroline, such a wonderful outfit! x

  8. Love this outfit, its so pretty!

  9. That ballerina skirt looks lovely on you! x

  10. You look great! x

  11. I love the background of your photos! And the outfit is really cute, that jumper looks so snuggly! :) x

    Robyn from

  12. I absolutely love this outfit! I don't know if it'd suit me though, but I really hope it would!

  13. This outfit is gorgeous! I've wanted a ballerina skirt but not a too-poofy one - this one is perf! You look lovely.

  14. Oh wow, I'm loving those boots! Amazing outfit xx

    Leanne | Seeking Serendipity

  15. that bag is so unique !


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