I've always wrap my presents the same way, coloured tissue paper followed by brown paper and string. I've wrapped them this way for years (apart from the time I used kitchen foil which didn't go down so well....) I guess I'm a creature of habit and it's become a bit of a tradition! I thought I'd show you some of the gifts I've wrapped this year in case you needed some last minute ideas..

I had some instagram pictures printed and I've used them instead of gift tags (I just attach them using mini bulldog clips) I used images that relate to each person- whether it's a snap of them or an image from a day we've spent together to make it more personal.
bunting decorations are really easy and fun! take a strip of washi tape, fold it over the string and cut off the edges into a triangle shape. if you don't have any washi tape you can use patterned paper and double sided tape.
sometimes I just decorate the gift tags! I cut out plain brown card rectangles, punch a hole in them and use a rubber stamp letter kit and some stickers to create a cute and simple decoration.
paper doily decorations are another favourite of mine. simply glue on the paper doily and use some lace or trimmings to make a simple bow, pretty and feminine. 
my favourite decoration this year is my googly eyes.. my inner child had hours of fun with these bad boys. 

I've officially reached christmas factor high alert... TWO MORE SLEEPS!!

caroline x

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  1. I love the face on the brown paper! x

  2. Your presents all look so wonderful and pretty, and fun! I love the insta snaps as gift tags idea, and the googly eye's one is just the cutest! Makes me chuckle a little that you used kitchen foil one year, so giggle worthy and cute! x


  3. Omg these presents are wrapped so nicely I will have to try this next year as I am all bout simplicity xx

    Merry chritmas

  4. The second one is my fave, but I would love to do the googly eyes ones for my baby cousins presents next year! I've also used brown paper this year but added dots all over it and barbers twine :) xx

    The Little Things

  5. These are all such cute ideas omg I'm defiantly going to steal some for my presents! I love the bunting and the smiley face its so different but adorable! Hope you have an absolutely fantastic Christmas! :)
    Sofia x

  6. Caroline these are utterly amazing, my favourite has to be the lace one :)
    Amy x A Little Boat Sailing

  7. You're so creative! I love all of these designs, I've wrapped all of my presents in brown paper this year too!


  8. This is such a lovely and creative way to wrap presents, with the personal touch added of course~



  9. Lovely ideas - we always opt for brown paper and jazz it up with festive ribbons and bows :)

    Eve & Faye x
    Sugar Spun Sisters - A blog about cosmetics, clothes & coeliac disease

  10. I love the idea of using Instagram photos as gift tags, don't know why I never considered it!


  11. These are all so cute. Makes me wish I'd put a bit more effort into my wrapping!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  12. Wow I wish I could wrap presents as well as you! I suck!


  13. These are super cute! Wish I had the patience! x

  14. I love this wrapping :) They look great! Hope you have a lovely Christmas! xx

  15. These are all so cute!! Very, creative :)


  16. Love this wrapping, so cute and unique !

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  17. Brown paper packages, tied up with string! These are a few of my a favourite things! :-) Have a fab Christmas, Caroline! xx

  18. These are too cute!


  19. Oh I love the bunting idea! Kind of wish my presents weren't already wrapped now!

  20. Very good post!:) xo

  21. I love how creative yet elegant these gifts look! I especially like the googly eyes, haha! :D

    Happy holidays!

    xx nathalista.blogspot.com

  22. These are such lovely ideas for jazzing up presents, I will be saving this for birthday inspiration through the year! Hope you had a lovely Christmas :)

    Maria xxx


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