wowza I love white nails. 

I find then so chic and simple.. I just can't resist reaching for my white polish of late. 

I decided to jazz them up with a simple abstract design inspired by wah's keith haring nails! it's a fun nail art with no set design just draw on some geometric shapes, dots, swirls and get creative! 
you'll only need two things; a good white polish and a nail art pen, I've used models own snow white with their black nail pen for mine.
just make sure to wait for the white base coat to dry before drawing a rave on your nails! 

caroline x

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  1. These are amazing. i love keith haring. great idea.

    Lisa xo

    1. also can i just ask, what's this nail art pen like? do you have to press down to activate the polish? i have a topshop one which you need to do this with and i just cant work with it, so looking for an easier one to use! xo

    2. oh I hate the ones you have to press on too :) they always dent the polish (the barry m nail art pens are like that too and I was really disapppointed with them!)

      this pen is a lot better as you squeeze the bottle and it flows out smoothly like ink, it's a lot easier to control and I find them much better for fine details- I totally recommend them!! xx

    3. Thanks so much! I think i'll give this one a try then :) xo

  2. So pretty, these look amazing and are so striking! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  3. I love the look of these! Defo going to give it a go :) x


  4. These look awesome Caroline! Such simple colours, yet a gorgeous design! xxx

  5. Very cool. I will definitely be giving it a try asap!


  6. This looks so cool, I love it! Not too complicated either x


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