DIY snow leopard nail art!

I love animal print nail art, there are endless variations depending on what colour your in the mood for..

I've been calling these my snow leopard nails but they're basically just a simple rainbow animal print! they're really easy compared to some nail art styles and because of the white background they're also really eye catching.

I've been really busy this month so haven't had any DIY craft posts up buutttttt yesterday I ordered a few things from ebay and will be beavering away on some jewellery and craft DIY's to share with you this week!

in the meantime here's a little guide to creating your own snow leopard nails..

hope you try them out yourself!

caroline x


  1. ahhh gorgeous, I love the idea of using white as the base colour. Can you come and do mine please? I always go really wrong when trying animal print waaaa xxx

  2. this looks wonderful!!! great job!!!

  3. this is beautiful, I always look to your blog for nail art inspiration, definitely going to try this one out!

  4. Amazing....

    Shikha x

  5. :D thanks guys! I love reading your comments :D xxx

  6. Love these!


  7. Love these, I really like white leopard with pastels or with neon too. I just did pastels on white, a favourite to date.

  8. These nails are amazing! I can't wait to try it out for myself! Thank you so much! xx

  9. Hi there
    I just like you love animal printed nail art. I extremely love the idea you gave rainbow animal print nails these look fab with any dress color and one can waer these nails with little variations see this related page


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