ahoy! nautical nail art:

I love a theme, I decided to go with a nautical one when I was painting my nails yesterday. usually when I think of nautical patterns I think of anchors but I find them really tricky to paint and I didn't have a lot of time to spare.. instead I opted for little sailboats which reminded me of vintage childhood wallpaper and cath kidston!

I thought Id share it with you as I know a lot of you like painting your nails too! first I started with the base colours; I used barry m blue moon and models own red alert.

to paint the sailboats first I drew a triangle with my nail art pen. next I added a line through from top to bottom then I added the boat which is just a simple half circle shape! the stripes were easy to do with my striping brush but you could always use strips of sellotape to mark out the lines if you don't have a pen to hand! 

I hope you like them, I might try the anchors next time!

caroline x