DIY rainbow magnets

DIY clay rainbow fridge magnets

This is a paid collaboration with Gorilla glue. (Ad)

I'm a big fan of rainbow motifs, in fact, I'd go as far to say I'm a little bit addicted! My love for rainbow decor began with Gabe's nursery but it's not just for kids. Unlike the bright multicoloured rainbows of our childhood, the recent trend for using a more muted rainbow palette means you can easily introduce this playful decor into even the most 'grown-up' home.

I've teamed up with Gorilla to make some cute polymer clay magnets that will bring a touch of childhood whimsy to your fridge or noticeboard. (The good news for minimalists out there.. you can make these designs as colourful or as paired back as you wish!)

Materials needed.

Craft knife

fridge magnets diy

Step 1. 

Take 4 complementary shades of polymer clay. I'm using a simple light to dark gradient for my rainbow with white, grey and black clay. Warm the clay between your hands and form each colour into a ball.

rainbow magnets

Step 2.

Roll each ball of clay into a long sausage shape approximately 5mm thick. Line them up with the darkest shade at the top and the lightest at the bottom.

DIY rainbow wall art

Step 3.

Gently press the clay together before bending the length into a rainbow shape. You can make this rainbow any size you wish. (Mine are 2 1/2" x 2")

DIY fridge magnets

Step 4.

Take a craft knife and trim off the ends for a nice clean finish. (Continue bending and cutting the remaining clay to make more rainbows.)

DIY rainbow magnets

Step 5.

Once you have made all of your rainbows you need to bake them to permanently harden the clay. Pop them into an oven (follow the manufactures instructions for the cooking time and temperatures.)

rainbow decor

Step 6.

Once the clay has cooled you can attach the magnets. I've chosen to use Gorilla Super Glue Brush and Nozzle for this project (I like the flexibility of being able to switch from using the precision tip to the handy brush applicator.)

rainbow decor fridge magnets

Apply a small amount of glue along one side of your magnet, I opted to use the brush applicator as it's nice and easy to work with. 

DIY rainbow magnets

Step 7.

Place the magnet glue side down onto the rainbow and firmly hold in place from 10-45 seconds while the glue bonds. (I always use neodymium magnets for fridge magnets as they're really powerful for their size.)

DIY rainbow fridge memo board magnets

The magnets are now ready to use, go forth and stick those to-do lists to your fridges immediately!

DIY clay rainbow magnets

back soon!

caroline x

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