DIY spring centerpiece

how to spring centerpiece

Spring is one of my favourite seasons, there's something so exciting about those first sunny days when it's crisp and bright and you winter is finally behind you. 

Plus you're a step closer to easter and all that chocolate... what's not to love?

I've teamed up with Hobbycraft to show you how to create a spring themed terrarium. Hobbycraft have been one of my go-to places for craft supplies for years and they have a huge range of contemporary ideas for Easter crafts as well as fun projects for kids. (Sometimes if I'm a little lacking in ideas for projects I'll browse their site for new materials and nine times out of ten I'll find some inspiration!)

I've made quite a few terrariums in my time but this one is a little different, I wanted to create a spring themed display that was zero maintenance and long lasting. When I spotted their foliage department everything fell into place... pow! I've enjoyed this twist on a regular terrarium and it was so much fun to make.

Let's get started:

Materials needed:

A selection of artificial flowers and greenery including: 
A selection of moss including: 

Trim approx 1cm from the height of the foam cylinder (it's just there to support the fowers so you don't want it to sit too high in the terrarium.)

I really recommend this terrarium it's a great size for the price and perfect for a project like this. 

Scatter the pebbles around the foam so that you cover the bottom of the terrarium, I've used a mix of brown stones and river pebbles for this terrarium.

DIY spring centerpiece

Use some pliers or strong scissors to trim down the cherry blossom spray (any type of blossom just screams spring right?) I've never worked with artificial flowers before and I'm impressed with these, plus there are lots of other nice options like roses and hydrangeas to pick from. 

Place the stem of blossom firmly into the foam which will hold it in place.

spring terrarium

Place small handfuls of reindeer and curly moss around the foam to conceal it. Keep some of the stones visible for a nice contrast. You want it to look quite natural so don't worry about styling it too much!

Take some scissors and trim off small sections of artificial asparagus bush and parsley fern

bunch them together and secure with a little floristry wire before placing them around the bottom of the cherry blossom stem, if you're using larger sections you can push them into the foam for support.

easter centerpiece

Add more interest with small pieces of greenery like leaves trimmed from this ivy garland to bring texture to the display. (I also love this garland for creating a greenery table runner!)

...can you spot the little rabbit I added as a fun spring detail? 

DIY spring centerpiece

you can use the centerpiece anywhere in your home, maybe on a side or coffee table? 

(The white ceramic bunny is a great decoration and you can also paint it.)

spring easter centerpiece

or my favourite option... using it as a table centerpiece.

no Sunday lunch (especially at Easter) is complete without a table setting. I've used the leftover pieces of artificial fern to decorate mine. Using faux flowers is an easy way to dress a table for entertaining, and you can use them over and over!

What do you think?

Back soon

Caroline x


  1. This is such a great idea! I’m already thinking of 100 different arrangements you could do!

    Innes x

  2. It came out so beautifully, and the step-by-step process seems a lot easier than I thought it would be.



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