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minimal bedroom styling

There's one baby-free zone in our home and it's our bedroom. As Gabe grows older our little sanctuary of calm becomes even more important as it's the only place that his toys have failed to invade! Every other room in our home is full of activity, from the kitchen to the living room there's always something happening but our bedroom is our escape, our comfort and (hopefully) the place where we can catch up on some much-needed sleep! I've wanted to add some artwork above the bed as it felt like there was something missing, the vast area of white walls looked a little too bare and uninviting so it was the perfect time to partner up with Desenio for this post.

modern art minimal bedroom

There are a few things that I've found to be key when trying to create a relaxing ambiance in a room, the most important for me is to keep things relatively minimal and neutral so getting rid of any clutter is essential. Remove anything that you don't need or that doesn't add to the soothing environment you're trying to create. We don't have much extra storage now we have a baby so we've learned to declutter and utilize every inch (under bed storage has been a lifesaver!) Rattan and woven baskets are another functional but attractive way to put away any essentials. I want the focus to be on the bed and artwork not on tangled piles of earphones, face creams and old magazines!

scandinavian bedroom inspiration

I spent a long time going selecting the artwork for our room, I'm sure you've already heard of Desenio but if not they're an incredibly affordable Scandinavian company that acts as a one-stop shop for all your wall art needs. They have so many contemporary options from quotes to maps, nature to fashion (not to mention inspiration guides that I could happily scroll through for hours on end) but I finally narrowed down my choices to select a lovely balance of modern and delicate illustration posters. I love the two that I've hung above my bed, abstract nudes no2 and figuratone, both are serene and classic fitting in perfectly with the understated pieces around them. 

We opted for narrow black frames but I think they would also have looked great framed in white. I did consider putting together a gallery wall but once the prints arrived I loved the simplicity of hanging a complementary pair.

If you're considering framing a group of images together I highly recommend looking at their gallery wall planner or gallery wall template they are GENIUS and take all the work out of planning the perfect wall feature!

minimal scandinavian art
modern vintage bedroom

One of my favourite interior tips is to add lots of reflective surfaces, we have a wall of vintage mirrors that reflect so much light and really help to open up the space. We've broken up the mirror arrangement with this back ink drawing and a bold minimal ink texture poster. 

Adding greenery is essential for me, not only do plants oxygenate the air they just instantly give you that total zen feeling. I've used our bedside table to display a collection of plants as well as having more draped on our wall shelving. At this time of year I also add some chunky throws to the bed for extra texture and warmth... Having a more minimal room doesn't mean it has to feel empty or cold!

Darker evenings are the perfect time to embrace scented candles, yet another way to create a sense of calm. Lavender and sandalwood are two of my favourite scents to burn before I go to sleep... curling up with a book after we've put Gabe to bed is one of my favourite evening rituals.

minimal bedroom

So what do you think of my choices? Do you have any tips for relaxing at home? Desenio have a Christmas sale on at the moment so if you've been meaning in invest in some new wall art now is a good time to strike -you'll get 30% off when spending over £60 (except on frames and handpicked/collaboration posters) 

back soon!

caroline x

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