3 ways to style a shelf

how to style a shelf, plant shelf

there are a million ways to style a shelf and it's easy to get a bit lost along the way and end up with shelves bursting with trinkets. i thought it would be useful to round up some go-to looks you can quickly style up in yourselves with minimal effort! i'd like to blame instagram and the rise of the shelfie for my organising obsessions but if i'm honest i get bored of how my rooms look and love to change up little details to scratch my decorating itch!  

i'm using some solid marble shelves kindly gifted from cox and cox to demonstrate some of my favourite looks (it was playing around with styling them various ways in my bedroom that inspired me to write this post!) the shelves themselves are gorgeous, the natural variations in the marble are so pretty and the iron brackets can be used two ways- as i've shown here or placed inverted under the shelf for an alternative look. i'm so used to wooden shelving i'm going to enjoy not having to worry about water marks from my plants for once! i have the white marble option but they also come in grey and pink which are equally swish.

read on for some quick shelfie ideas:

shelf styling shelfie

look 1: minimal

it can be really easy to overload a shelf by trying to display all our favourite things at once, the trick is be selective and pick only 2-3 things so the shelf doesn't look cluttered. quickly round up all your favourite decorative objects and select the ones that work best together to use. (you can always rotate what's on your shelves that way everything has a turn.)

3 ways to style a shelf

look 2: greenery

one of my all-time favourite styling tips is the plant shelf. you simply can't beat loading up a shelf with plants to create a simple and natural feature.

how to style a shelf

I like to mix lush trailing plants with smaller potted plants on shelves.. if you're not so green fingered succulents and cacti are very low maintenance and look equally cute.

shelf styling ideas

look 3: neutral 

3 ways to style a shelf

call me crazy but i just love a classic bookshelf! i have a huge collection of old books i've read and one of my favourite ways to use them is on shelves. turn the spines inwards to create a clean and simple look that works beautifully in most rooms.

how to style a shelf, shelf styling tips

i adore how chic this is.. and it only takes minutes to create! 

would you try any of these ideas at home?

back soon

caroline x

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