DIY mini serving boards

DIY coffee table trays

i've wanted to make some more terrazzo items since i made my DIY napkins rings a while back and it was just as addictive the second time around! i decided to make some little display trays/serving boards that can be used a variety of ways and by keeping the colours neutral i can use them anywhere from the bedroom to the kitchen. since all you need to whip these up is some fimo clay and a few tools they're a cute gift idea for the upcoming festive period too..


rolling pin
craft knife

how to make clay coasters

1. roll out the white fimo about 5mm thick on a flat surface with a rolling pin. (to make 4-6 of these hexagonal shapes i used this size block of fimo.)

2. draw a hexagon onto a piece of card and cut out to use as a template. you could use cookie cutters as well if you have other shapes you wanted to create!

how to make clay trays

3. use the card template to cut out the coasters with a craft knife and ruler.

modern diy with clay

4. take some coloured fimo blocks and cut off small slices to scatter over the coasters to create the terrazzo effect.

diy display trays

5. gently roll over the coasters with a rolling pin to embed the coloured clay pieces into the coaster.

6. once you're happy bake them in the oven according to the manufactures instructions and leave to cool slowly. 

DIY display serving platter

i decided to make a few of mine into trays that i could hang up. before i put them in the oven i cut out a small hole and simply tied some faux leather cord through the hole afterwards- easy peasy.

mine are currently scattered around the house, one hanging by my desk as an emergency coaster, one in the kitchen as a trivet and another couple in the bedroom as little plant and jewellery stands.. so far they're v. handy little additions to have around!

hope you like them, back soon.

caroline x



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