DIY wooden candle holder

DIY speckled candlesticks

do we really need another candlestick DIY? well it's autumn which means i'm obsessed with lighting candles every evening so it's a big yes from me! (seriously though this is such a quick little project it was impossible to resist)

earlier this year  i picked up some plain candle holders on a whim and put them in my craft stash for a future project (does anyone else do this?) well i've been meaning to do something with them for a while so i sat down earlier this week and gave them a little scandi inspired makeover.

DIY wooden candle holder


plain candle holders
black and white paint

1. take a plain wooden candle stick (similar here) and wrap washi/masking tape around it to section off the area size you want to remain untouched.

2. paint the remaining area with some white acrylic paint -see above image. once dry dip a toothbrush into some black paint and lightly spray over the white section to create the speckled 'faux ceramic' pattern.

3. remove the tape to reveal the plain wood.

DIY candlestick
modern DIY candlestick

you could totally make your own candle holders from sections of wood, just drill holes into the top with a wooden spade bit for the candles to pop into (like i did in this make up storage DIY)

DIY wooden candle holder

if you're a lover of speckled ceramics you might like this DIY speckle tableware project i made last year, literally the same idea but just using ceramic paint!

back soon

caroline x


  1. These look so cool, thanks for sharing the DIY!

    Hannah | Ante Meridiem

  2. Ohh woow! They're such simple but beautiful holders! Great DIY and thanks for sharing x

    Millie x

  3. Beautiful idea, i love!!



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