DIY terrazzo napkin rings

how to faux terrazzo with polymer clay

so terrazzo, when did you become the trendiest thing ever? i've always had a soft spot for the retro marble chip pattern but lately it seems to be popping up everywhere from home decor through to DIY (check out these cool examples from brittnifranclaire and marwa!) i'm pretty darn happy about it as it's a fun technique that you can try at home yourself.

i decided to make some napkin rings as i'm really into table settings right now (and i had some fancy new cutlery i wanted to play with!) 

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you'll need:

white polymer clay (this size made 3-4 rings)
rolling pin
craft knife


1. take your coloured clay and slice off little pieces using a sharp knife, these will act as the faux marble chips in the terrazzo. arrange or scatter them on a flat board in a random pattern.

terrazzo how to diy

2. on a second board roll out some white polymer clay to approx 5mm thickness. cut out a rectangle approx 5cm x 17cm- gently lay this rectangle over the slices of coloured clay on the first board. 

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3. next lightly roll with a rolling pin- this will incorporate the coloured pieces into the white. gently remove the rectangle from the board and flip it over to reveal a terrazzo pattern like mine above. lightly roll over it again to ensure all the coloured pieces are fully embedded.

terrazzo project, uk diy blog

4. trim any uneven edges and fold the rectangle into a cylinder to create the napkin ring. smooth over the joint where the ends meet.

5. place the napkin rings into the oven to harden. (follow the manufacturers instructions for your polymer clay- mine took no longer than 30 mins on a very low heat.)

diy terrazzo trend

once they've cooled you're ready to get your terrazzo on!

how to make terrazzo
DIY faux terrazzo tutorial

i've kept to grey, black and brown with mine (nice and neutral which i love.) however there are some beautiful shades of blue, pinks and creams used in terrazzo tiles if you don't want to limit your palette. 

i'm really pleased with them, hope you like them too.

back soon!

caroline x


  1. so easy...and it looks so cute!

    - Greta

  2. They look so cool, brilliant idea!

  3. These are so cute! I love how they turned out~

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE

  4. Oh wow, this design is super simple and I'm obsessed! Great post and thanks for sharing x

    Millie x

  5. Thanks for mentioning my DIY Terrazzo :) Your napkin rings look wonderful! x

    1. LOVED your post!!!! so glad i found it :)



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