hello weekend

happy friday! i arrived in palma this morning after a v. early flight so i'm pretty excited for the next few days. james' sister is getting married next month so we're all here for her hen weekend (pray for my liver.) i'm hoping to squeeze in some exploring/sunbathing/tapas whilst i'm here so if you're feeling nosey you can follow our weekend antics on my insta stories!

DIY incense holder

geometric incense holder

the smell of incense always reminds me of when i was a kid. my sister used to burn sticks whilst playing records on dads old vinyl player so it never fails to bring back good memories! i'm all for trying out new ways to make my house smell good so i didn't hesitate to grab some last summer when it started popping up in shops.

hello weekend

happy easter guys... oh boy do i love a bank holiday weekend. i'm really looking forward to easter sunday cause mum does the best dinners plus i get to hang out with my fave people. (and the easter eggs, lets not forget about the chocolate!) i had a huge wardrobe clear out earlier this week which felt really good but it made me realise i'm seriously lacking in the transitional clothing department. i'm going to mallorca next weekend so i'm going to squeeze in some shopping at some point too.. i really want some faux fur sliders am i mad?

hope you have the best long weekend! here's some fun stuff:

i love the internet.

please be true, please be true, please be true.

- fave DIY of the week!

this totally melts me.

- 10 ikea hacks for your houseplants.

- ok i really am tempted.

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caroline x

DIY geo wall planter

triangle wall planter DIY

after this week's trip to ikea (and the inevitable plant purchases) i've come up with a simple wall planter to house my new additions! this was an off the cuff DIY that actually turned ok... i was initially worried the wood was too thin to support the pots but once they were mounted they were perfect, hurrah!

hello weekend

caroline burke uk blogger

happy weekend! feels like forever since we went to barcelona last week but i finally unpacked and repainted the bathroom on a whim (i had an overwhelming need to 'freshen' things up with a lick of paint plus i might be going to ikea next week with my sis!) super excited for the weekend cause i don't have a huge agenda other than clearing the garden and sanding the outdoor furniture which we stupidly haven't covered for a few years so it's all peeled, gah! we might even attempt a little bbq as the forecast looks pretty damn good for once!

have a great one, here's some fun stuff:

so doing this to james..

75 DIY's for spring!


- are you being breadcrumbed?

- omg, it's finally in store.

- current fave twitter account!

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caroline x

DIY minimal easter eggs

speckled easter egg tutorial

i'll confess easter DIY's aren't really my thing. i've never made any in the past and this year was going to be no different... that was until i discovered wooden eggs at a flea market, i though they were too cute to pass up a little spring makeover.