DIY geo wall planter

triangle wall planter DIY

after this week's trip to ikea (and the inevitable plant purchases) i've come up with a simple wall planter to house my new additions! this was an off the cuff DIY that actually turned ok... i was initially worried the wood was too thin to support the pots but once they were mounted they were perfect, hurrah!

i'll show you how i made them so you can try some wooden geometric planters yourself. (if you're looking for bigger shelves check out my DIY triangle shelves)

diy planter hanger
diy project


wood (I used the wood from an old art canvas frame)
screws & wall plugs
hammer & nails
small hand screwdriver (like mine pictured above)

geometric DIY planter

1. i actually used the frame from an old canvas to start this DIY- i was breaking up a large rectangular frame to dispose of it when i realised i could reuse the wood! just unpick the canvas and cut a corner section off the frame so you have 2 sides of a triangle as above. (you can make this shape for yourself though just cut 45 degree angles at the end of two pieces so they slot together. the wood used here was approx 1inch wide)

diy tutorial

2. place the plant pot snug into to the top corner of your open triangle (note- you need to use a pot that has a lip or is wider at the top to stop it slipping through the holder.) to finish off the triangle place another length of wood up along the back of the pot, mark where you need to cut so that the ends fit flush together. 

how to make a triangle planter

3. once you've cut this final piece of wood drill two pilot holes in the middle before you attach it to complete the triangle- it's way easier to do this now than later! these holes will be where you mount the screws to the wall- mine were approx 3inches apart.

put some wood glue on the corners and attach this final piece of the triangle with some panel nails. you can hammer a few in all the corners to make it extra sturdy. (you can cover the heads with wood filler later to hide them.)

wall planter tutorial

4. now the triangle planter is finished check your screws are the right size, remember they're going through the width of the wood before they get to the wall so use long ones like these pictured above.  

diy blogger- wall mounted tutorial

5. use a spirit level to check the planters are sitting level and mark where the pilot holes are on the wall. once you've drilled your wall holes pop in some wall plugs so that the screws have a tight grip in the wall. 

next mount the planter with the two screws- you'll need to use a stubby screwdriver as you don't have much room to manoeuvre and it's hard to angle a long screwdriver inside the triangle! 

how to make a geometric wall planter

6. after it's mounted put your pots inside.. cute!

DIY geo wall planter
 geo wall planter tutorial
how to geo wall planter
how to trianglel planter

originally i was going to make these planter square shaped but i decided to use less wood and make a triangle instead as i was worried that the weight would make the planters sag. i was wrong though (...phew) as long as you mount them properly they don't dip at all! 

hope you like them..

back soon!

caroline x


  1. lovelovelove your geometric DIYs!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  2. These look really cool, I imagine they'd look fab with a bright pot!

    Maria xxx

  3. so cool!

  4. I love how simple they are, and they look so cool!

  5. I want this in my life!

    Arden | Missing Wanderer



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