DIY flower gift box

DIY boxed flowers tutorial

mothers day is only a few weeks away and i really want to make my mum something extra special this year. i always struggle to find a gift as sweet as her so i decided to find a way to surprise her with something a little different. i toyed with the idea of making a personalised gift box and decided to add an element i know she'll love- flowers!

i'm so pleased with how this turned out (i wasn't sure if this would turn into an epic fail before i tried it but it worked, hurrah!) obviously this one won't last until the end of the month so i'm going to remake it just before mothers day.. 

how to make a boxed flower gift


2 boxes with lids (1 large, 1 small)
fresh flowers
spray paint (optional)

how to boxed flowers

1. take 2 boxes, either wood or cardboard. you'll need one large box with a lid and a smaller box that will be placed inside to hold the gift. 

(i had to spray mine black as i didn't love the original colour- just buy a black box and skip this step!)

flower arrangement DIY

2. line the bottom of the box to at least halfway up the sides to stop it getting wet. i've used foil here as it's easier to see in photographs but plastic sheeting will work just check there are no holes! (yeah i know it looks ugly right now but don't worry it will all be covered.)

3. take a block of floral foam and start cutting off sections to slot into the gift box. the foam should reach no higher than the foil lining.

flower box

4. once the base is lined you can water the foam -slowly! wrap some foil/plastic around the bottom of the smaller box and place on top. the top of the small box should sit level with the top of the bigger box.

gift idea DIY boxed flowers

5. now you can start adding your flowers- the best bit! simply trim and push the stems into the flower foam. keep adding flowers and foliage until you've surrounded the smaller box, remember to keep the flowers below the top of your large box as you don't want to crush them when you put the lid on.

mothers day flower box DIY project

simply pop your gift into the box where it can hide out amongst those beautiful flowers! a super sweet way to deliver a present to someone special.

fresh flower box tutorial

this would work really well with perfume bottles or jewellery too... and it's way cuter than your average gift box right?

hope you try it.

caroline x