5 ways to work with pantone colour of the year

pantone greenery trend

when pantone released greenery as their colour of the year i immediately thought of lush foliage and nature. for me it was a perfect choice as i like to bring the outdoors indoors (...yep it was basically another reason to buy more plants!) greenery is associated with renewal and rejuvenation making it a perfect spring/summer shade for 2017.

as you know my home is very white, i love a minimal scandi look so painting my walls a zesty green isn't really an option! green isn't always the easiest colour to work with however i think the palette really can work when you look at introducing it in more subtle way. here are some simple ideas on how you could work with the trend in a modern home:


soft furnishings are a great way to introduce colour into a neutral home. look for bright cushions or throws for chairs and beds to inject the theme into your existing decor with minimal effort. if you want to add smaller details consider vases, candles and ceramics for a subtle nod to the trend. 

feature wall/doors.

i like my space to be fresh and clean so white is my go- to wall colour but a feature wall or alcove is an easy way to work with a trending colour. if you really want to up your game consider a tropical wallpaper, there are oodles available and don't forget you can invest in a removable version! painting a front door is another way to work with the greenery colour, it makes a statement without intruding on your existing interior.

5 ways to introduce pantone colour of the year into your home.


windows are one of the most important features in any room and are so often overlooked. i like as much light as possible in my home so i stick to blinds as i find curtains a little too fussy. it's important to consider your windows when working with a trend as it's a simple way to update a room. whether you go for a blindsUK's roman blind in a bold shade or a more subtle foliage pattern adding or changing your blinds is a simple way to add style!


james and i are currently planning a new sofa purchase and a green velvet sofa with a vintage feel is number 1 on our wish list! whilst using a bigger piece of furniture is an easy option to add a pop of colour smaller pieces like upcycled cabinets painted with greenery inspired shades of chalk paint would be super cute too.


for me green brings balance, at home my plant collection brings colour but also a sense of well being and calm. if you don't want to add greenery into your home using traditional ideas there's nothing stopping you from embracing the urban jungle theme and investing in some gorgeous foliage to spruce your your space and connect with nature!

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caroline x

*post in collaboration with blindsUK, all love of greenery my own!


  1. I do love that green couch. What an eye-catcher to a room!

  2. I'm still not sure about greenery, it's a bit too bright for me. But I'm definitely into the idea of bringing more plants into the house

    - Natalie

    1. I was just thinking the same thing! Although that green door looks rad.


  3. I really like this as a colour, so nice and fresh!

    Maria xxx

  4. ooo the green velvet sofa is lush!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  5. Such great tips, I've always loved the colour green and the fact that its now the trending colour for the year has made me even happier!! Thanks for sharing babe x

    Millie x



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