4 ways to wrap a flower bouquet

DIY flower bouquet, wedding, valentines, gifts

i adore giving flowers, whether it's a special occasion or simply just to remind someone i'm thinking about them. with valentines creeping up i figured i'd share some simple ideas to wrap them as they're a super cute galentine gift option for your bff's!

here are 4 easy ideas for transforming a plain old supermarket bouquet into a gift with a personal touch (for extra brownie points.)

1. DIY wrapping paper:

jazz up some plain gift wrap by splattering it with with an old toothbrush dipped in black acrylic paint. in the above photo i've used white paper as i wanted a modern minimal look but it works really well on brown paper paper too. (just make sure it's dried before you wrap up your flowers!)
to wrap the bouquet cut off a rectangle of paper and place the top of your bouquet in one corner. fold the opposite corner up over the stems then wrap the left side over the middle. fold the right side over and tie with string to finish!

DIY flower bouquet, weddings, valentines, birthdays

2. mini bouquets:

these are great if you have a few people you want to surprise! divide up your flowers into as many mini bouquets you want and wrap a small elastic band around to keep them in place. cut some brown paper rectangles and wrap them around the stems- secure with string or leather cord to create these dinky little treats.

DIY wedding bouquet, valentines gifts

3. fabric bouquet:

i'm really into fabric wrapped presents right now so why not try it on flowers? here i've taken a piece of linen and used it to wrap a simple shop bought bouquet. you could use colourful or patterned fabrics as well- perfect for those off cuts i have stashed in my cupboards!

easy ways to wrap flowers

4. lace decoration:

take a simple bunch of flowers, secure with an elastic band and then wrap some lace trim or ribbon around the stems for a v. pretty and simple decoration. (if lace isn't your thing try some string or jute for a more rustic feel...) 

hope you like!

back soon

caroline x


  1. Love this so much! I'm totally going to be doing the first one!


  2. I really love the fabric bouquet!! Some lovely ideas in this post!xx

    Lucy x | lucy-cole.co.uk

  3. I really love the idea of using the fabric! Great DIYs x

    Millie x

  4. The lace is so pretty with the bouquet~

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  5. I love your wrapping paper idea, it looks so extraordinary!

  6. Such a great idea!! Thanks)) I adore to give flowers and like to decorate flowers!




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