DIY bathroom storage shelf

simple diy bathroom storage

i have a new bathroom unit and i think it's mega cute! i wanted to make a shelf to store bathroom essentials- it turned out so nice i thought i'd share it with you.

it's a very simple design and it would be great for craft storage too. i didn't want anything too large that would take up a lot of wall space, i just needed it to be deep enough to store smaller items like beauty products and candles. 

plywood bathroom shelving

the overall dimensions are 40 x 60cm. the back of the unit is a piece of 40 x 60cm plywood. the 4 side pieces are two 60 x 9cm and two 40 x 9cm sections of pine that have been cut at 45 degree angles each end on a mitre saw 'cause dad are i are geeks and he likes to teach me how to use power tools.

you can totally skip the 45 degree angle cutting and just use 4 straight sections of pine- two 60 x 9cm and two 36cm x 9cm (if your pine is 2cm thick like mine.) it will look just as good and its easier. 

nail the sides together and nail the back into place- sorry i didn't get any photos before i assembled the shelf!

how to build bathroom storage

i thought 3 shelves would be about right for mine- they're spaced at 15cm intervals from the top to the bottom. measure and mark out where you want them and see if you're happy with the spacing. we cut some fancy joints into mine so we could slide the shelves into the side pieces but again that's an optional detail- you can just cut three 36cm length pieces to pop in and nail in place through the sides to secure.

use a nail punch to push the nails heads deeper into the wood (not just level with the surface) then you can fill the little hole with wood filler and they're barely visible, magic! wood filler is generally great for running along any joints to fill gaps and make everything look extra snazzy.

diy bathroom unit

i hung the unit from mirror plates that i screwed on the back. be careful not to use screws too long to attach them or they'll go through your unit! leave the top hole of each mirror plate poking over the top of the unit so you can screw the shelf to the wall from the front when you're hanging.

how to bathroom storage
bathroom, craft storage idea
shelf diy

i think it looks pretty neat, i love working on little projects that are cute but practical too.  

hope you like- back soon!

caroline x


  1. This is so practical and so cute, I love it x

    Millie x

  2. It looks beautiful, especially with the plants!

  3. Really simple but clean design~~

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE




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