DIY minimal desk tidy

how to make a simple letter rack

i'm a sucker for a clean desk but as much as i try i find bills and paperwork still sneaking their way back. i want them close to hand but i also want them tidy so when i get round to going through them i've not lost that all important receipt or appointment card!

i always keep my wood offcuts when i'm working on DIY's- you never know when they may come in handy for propping up furniture or testing out power tools! turns out they're quite handy for making a desk tidy or letter rack- who'd have thought it?

all you need for this DIY is plywood (i used offcuts but you can cut yours from a sheet of ply) and some wood glue. easy peasy!

wooden desk tutorial

here's how i made my letter rack!

1. cut a thin rectangle of plywood or balsa wood to use as a base (mine measures 7 x 14cm.)

2. cut two wooden triangles (mine are 14cm across the bottom and 7cm high.) 

3. apply wood glue along the bottom/base of the triangles and glue them onto the rectangle base as shown in the image above.

4. leave to dry then stuff all your miscellaneous paperwork in- hurrah!

easy desk tidy tutorial
DIY | triangle desk tidy

i'm pretty happy with it- hope you like!

back soon

caroline x