DIY plant stand

plant stand project tutorial

my favourite home accessory will always be plants, i've find they transform any space into a more welcoming and calming place to hang out. i've been searching for plant stands to display my ever growing botanical collection- i like to have greenery placed at different heights around the home and stands are a great way to raise them off the floor.

when i stumbled across some gorgeous hairpin leg stands at a local shop i was pretty amazed- mostly because they were only £6 each! seriously i flipped (best. discovery. ever.) i snapped up the 2 remaining stands and decided to give one a quick 5 minute makeover.

how to make a easy plant stand


wood slice

this is a very simple update to a plain wire stand and i really like how it turned out!

1. take some wire staples (check out the nails/screws dept of your local hardware shop) and a hammer.

diy plant stand tutorial

2. place the top of the wire stand onto your wood slice and use a hammer to knock in the wire staples. these will keep the wood firmly in place so it won't fall off if anyone bumps into the stand.

plant stand how to

3. once the staples are in place you can flip the plant stand over. if you wish you can varnish/stain/seal the wood to protect it. (i've opted to leave mine unfinished as i prefer the wood raw.)

then just add your plants!

wood slice plant stand

how to make a plant stand
hairpin leg plant stand hack

this plant stand looks like a very tall version of my DIY coffee table. if you can't find a cheap metal stand like mine, you could make it with hairpin legs instead.

do you like quick projects like this?

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caroline x


  1. This looks so stunning, I love the combination of wood and metal!

  2. Oh wow!! Love this so much x

    Millie x



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