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fri-yay, oh man i've been looking forward to this weekend!

i'm dedicating saturday to mega boring things i secretly like doing- cleaning the house, reorganising my wardrobe and FINALLY getting a carpet quote for our stairs and hallway (we've been saying we'll get a new one for 8 months!) i'm also thinking a pamper night could be on the cards, mani, pedi, face masks -all the fun stuff.

sunday we're going to a christening which will be super cute, i haven't really thought about what to wear.. can i wear smart jeans with a blazer? too casual? maybe i'll have a rummage through my clothes rails there must be something tucked away i've forgotten about..

have a great weekend!

this DIY is a must for crafters!

this week's shoe crush.. loafers

i'd definitely make one of these..

furoshiki is so cute (and good for gift wrap too)

this introduced me to a few new podcasts!

back soon

caroline x


  1. I love that felt board! I want to make one for my room too! Hope you have a lovely weekend :)


    1. isnt it great! i did- hope you did too lady! :)



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