hello weekend!

basically feels like i spent most of this week doing laundry and procrastinating (not my most productive of weeks!) it always takes me a while to get back into routine after holiday and this relentless rain does. not. help. motivate.

in other news the uk has voted the leave the european union and i'm not exactly delighted about it. today has been a strange day for a lot of us here so i'm going to catch up on all the trash tv i've recorded in an effort to zone out my news feed.

side note- how wicked was game of thrones this week? for real could not sleep afterwards, gah.

some of the best netflix documentaries.

a pretty wicked water garden for your desk.

if you have a blog you should have one of these.

cravings tacos so bad right now.

thinking of buying this sofa.. yay or nay?

just started listening to this podcast...

back soon

caroline x