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wood slice side table

i love ikea and i will do anything to visit. i will come up with alllllll kinds of reasons to justify a trip (and the inevitable trolley full of plants that comes back home with me) but now my latest and best excuse to persuade james to come? RESEARCH! 

james: what kind of research? 
me: oh you know DIY ikea hacks and stuff, so basically it's work.
james: i guess so then.
me: *fist pump* 

but seriously, even when i visit for a specific piece of furniture i can't help but hunt out smaller items to makeover. i've been planning this particular hack for a while and i'm dead pleased with the result.

you may remember my wood slice hairpin table from the start of the year -i'd originally planned to make this stool but when dad brought back a huge piece of wood from ireland i made a coffee table instead. fortunately for me i was home in ireland last month so i picked out a couple of smaller slices with this stool/side table in mind.

want to make one? all you need is a slice of wood and a cheap ikea stool..

wood slice side table

this is such an easy hack ..and it looks waaaay more expensive than it is.

how to turn a cheap stool into a table

i originally spotted the marius stool in ikea late last year, i grabbed one with no idea what i'd use it for at the time. it comes in black/white/red and the best part- IT'S £3.


ikea hack stool

it's easy peasy to make:

1. source a wood slice, try your local lumber yard or garden centres. you can find them online too just make sure they're big enough (mine is approx 35 x35cm)

2. lightly sand down the top with a hand sander- you could also remove the bark and sand the sides as well but i prefer the natural finish.

3. screw the stool legs directly onto the bottom of your wood slice. the screws that come with the stool are too short so switch to longer ones- at least 5cm length depending on the thickness of the wood slice! (you don't need the ikea stool seat- you can recycle it if you don't want it.)

4. flip the stool over and it's ready to use. you can treat or stain the wood but i'm going to leave mine unfinished for now. 

ikea hack- £3 table

not bad for a £3 ikea stool? i can't decide if i should keep it indoors or put it in my garden? 

ps. those little white cacti planters are a DIY i made with clay here.

how to make a wood slice table
how to make a wood table
ikea hack wood slice side table

i think it looks really cute and it's actually big enough to use as a side table, ikea i heart you!

do you like it?

back soon

caroline x


  1. Caroline, I love this stool - super cute! Congrats on getting the man to join you on your shopping trips ahem, I mean work research. Maybe I'll try this trick on my bf and see if it works haha

    1. haha i'm still amazed it did- but he's since read this post so i've been rumbled!!! :)

  2. This is awesome,definitely trying this out,Thank you for this post x

  3. Wow, I really love this! I think this will be good for DIY-Beginners, soo... I will try! Perfect, thank you!

  4. I flipping love this!! What a great idea and man oh man £3!! Haha!! Brilliant! Oh, and it looks great with your home made plant pots displayed in all their glory! Just fab!

    Faded Windmills

    1. i know- can't believe how cheap it is!! ah thanks lady- always great hearing from you :)

  5. I love, love, love this table, and you dd a wonderful job to it. Just one question, where did you get the table legs from?



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