DIY hanging plant shelf

how to make a hanging shelf with plant

i'm excited to share today's DIY cause i totally love making shelves. they look cute but they have a purpose (holding all the clutter) and that's a pretty good combo in my book!

this is really an update on one of my old projects -this DIY rope shelf. i needed another shelf but i really wanted to be able to sink a plant pot into it so i made a little adjustment.

how to build a shelf

materials needed:

pine shelf
plant pot

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1. take a length of pine (whatever size suits you) and drill 4 holes 2cm from each corner. these holes need to be large enough to thread your rope through so pick a drill bit slightly wider than your rope.

shelf diy woodwork project

2. measure your plant pot at it's widest point, take this measurement and minus 1cm. this is the measurement for the circle you will be cutting out so it needs to be narrower than the pot! 

my pot was 12.5cm so my circle was 11.5cm, use a compass to draw the circle onto the shelf. 

easy shelf tutorial

3. next you need to cut out this circular section using a jigsaw. use a vice to secure the shelf over the edge of a table/workbench and then drill a hole through the centre of the circle. (this hole is to make access for the jigsaw blade, see my photo above!) 

pop the jigsaw blade into the hole and start cutting, keep turning the blade following the circle guide you've drawn.

how to make a hanging shelf

4. sand any rough edges and check the pot fits snugly into the hole. thread your rope though the holes and secure with 2-3 tight knots! 

how to make a hanging rope shelf

to hang the shelf on the wall screw in some wall hooks and loop the rope over them, erm don't hang it off nails like i did here (this was just a quick set up for photos, it's now on proper hooks!)

how to make a hanging plant shelf
plant shelf DIY
easy DIY rope plant shelf

i adore the little plant feature, i painted my first rope shelf white but i've left this one bare as i love the unfinished wood!

what do you think?

back soon

caroline x


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  2. Love your DIYs, they're so helpful and easily do-able x

    Millie x

  3. I love the idea of putting the plant pot actually in the shelf, it looks so good! I wish I could pop up some shelves like this in my new house but it's a rental. Although I am renting from a friend of mine so maybe if I ask nicely he'll let me pop a few shelves up x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

    1. you should! they might not mind if you fill the holes and repaint when you leave :)

  4. What a cute idea! x



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